Semaglutide Reviews

The results speak for themselves!

Isis H.
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I heard about Ozempic on social media and also the news. I went to my Dr. I was easily approved for the prescription however my insurance denied the request. 1200 dollars a month was not a option. I am 28 years old 5'7", and a mother of 3. I weighed 225 pounds. I felt as though no matter what that I was never going to lose the weight. I found Integrity Medical Weight Loss through a friend. She assured me that it was $439/month for compounded Semaglutide. I filled out the questionnaire. Then enrolled into the program, and took my blood exam. within 2 days i had my telemed appointment and my medicine was ordered. That was 7 weeks ago. I have lost 18 pounds! My clothes are all becoming like sacks on me, and i am soon going to start purchasing a new wardrobe. Onyx was caring and helpful. She answered all my question and assured me if i had any problems or questions just to contact the office and would be there for me. After a couple of weeks i had some questions about heartburn, and some stomach cramping. Onyx got back to me that day assured me that this was normal and would subside over time.. Which it has greatly. I appreciate Integrity Medical Weight Loss Clinic. I can't wait to see me in 6 months!
Nancy H.
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Over the years the weight has been creeping up on me. I exercise, and try to watch what i eat. However it the weight just seems to accumulate. I found myself at a weight that was completely unacceptable. I seen so many commercial on television about Ozempic, and I already knew my insurance would not cover the cost. I was so happy to find Integrity Medical Weight Loss. Now only are they local for me. Everything was laid out and easy for me to do. I went through the process from the questionnaire to the telemed call in 4 days. I am in my second month and have lost 18 pounds. I am amazed at the control I have gained with my eating, and also how my clothes fit. I was discouraged that I did not lose any weight for a week. I contacted Onyx by email. She counseled me not to pay attention to the scale. To look how my clothes are fitting. She coached me into thinking of terms of body fat and not weight. Each week my clothes become more loose and now I am thinking about I will either need suspenders or new clothes! I can"t think Onyx and the staff at Integrity for everything they do and the their availability and understanding.
Allen R.
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I am 78 years old, and honestly I became obese. I am still active, and I don"t over eat often. I have tried for years to lose weight. It just will not come off. My Son has type 2 diabetes. Mostly as a result of bad eating habits and a sedentary life. He was prescribed ozempic. His insurance covered the medicine and with a nominal copay he began injecting semaglutide. I saw him 6 weeks later and was shocked on the amount of weight he had lost. Almost 20 pounds. he informed me it is used for weight loss also. I immediately began to research the product. By luck a window flyer was left on my car, I honestly thought it was a sign from god. I went to the website. I read through the material and about the science. I filled out the questionnaire. I received an email the next day stating i was approved with some forms to fill out. I did this quickly. that was 3 months ago. I have lost 24 pounds with no effort. I have been able to maintain a low carb diet. I also started walking everyday. I feel better. I can breath better. I am wearing clothes from my closet i thought i would never wear again. I had some side effect in the beginning. Burping and constipation but they subsided quickly and were not severe. I would recommend this company and medication to anyone who needs to take control of their lives. I will often see people and think. You could benefit from Integrity Medical Weight Loss. I know without a doubt my life has changed with a windshield flyer. Thank you so much. As a side note my son has lost 46 pounds total at this time.