Semglutide Dosing

Semaglutide Dosing Schedule

Dosing Instructions are clearly given with each order. Please follow the Instructions and Dose given with each delivery. Each month has a Incremental Increase. If NOT TOLERATED contact us via email immediately. If you feel this is an emergency call 911 immediately.
Month Weeks Strength ml Insulin syringe units Size of vial (mL) to dispense
Month 1 Week 1 – 4 0.27mg 0.125ml 12.5 Units 2.16mg/ml 1ml vial
Month 2 Week 5 – 8 0.54mg .25ml 25 Units 2.16mg/ml 1ml vial
Month 3 Week 9 – 12 1.08mg 0.5ml 50 Units 4.32mg/ml 2ml vial
Month 4 Week 13 – 16 2.16mg 1.0ml 100 Units 8.64mg/ml 4ml vial
Maintenance Dose 17-68 2.5mg 1.0ml 100 Units 10mg/ml 4ml vial